Legal Services Tailored to Your Needs

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If you need legal help, you’ve come to the right place.

From an attorney who is an expert in his field with full support staff to simple document preparation, we can provide an appropriate level of service to accommodate almost any budget.

1. Free Help – for simple legal problems

We provide pro bono services through free classes, workshops, and seminars.  A current list of free events can be found at

2. Legal Document Assistance – for those who represent themselves

We provide Legal Document Assistance for clients who are comfortable representing themselves without a lawyer.  We help our clients save money by preparing and filing court documents for filing in Bakersfield or anywhere in California. Documents are prepared by and under the direction of Licensed Document Assistants.  Fees are low because the clients represent themselves in court, but our LDAs help the clients navigate through the confusing and complicated process of getting a divorce or legal separation.

3. Joint Assistance – for parties who can cooperate in the process

For couples that can cooperate in their divorce, civil litigants who want the court to settle their matter, or others who wish to save costs by cooperating with their opponent, we can prepare all documents for both parties in many cases and our lawyers can make most court appearances. To do this, one of our Licensed Document Assistants will meet with BOTH parties to the action, help them come to an agreement, and then prepare and file all necessary documents. One of our lawyers will then appear in court for both parties and put the agreement on the records in front of a judge.  This keeping the parties out of court and keeps costs down by keeping the case uncontested.  The attorneys and LDAs don’t represent either one of the parties, and can, therefore, work with and meet with both of them to accomplish their goals.  This is a reasonable and affordable legal alternative to the high cost of typical divorce.

4. Full Representation – for criminal matters and difficult or complex cases

If you retain the lawyers in our firm, you will find that they generally charge significantly less than most of the attorneys in the area even though they are highly qualified.  Roger Lampkin is the author of several books and knows what he is doing.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can change your life forever. If you’re under criminal investigation or charged with a serious offense, you need an experienced legal team that will fight for your rights.  Mr. Lampkin is personally involved in all criminal defense cases, usually as lead counsel.  The firm employs an aggressive motions practice in criminal defense, and Mr. Lampkin an author of several criminal defense books, including California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine, which is used by hundreds of attorneys throughout the state, and Handbook for the Accused, which helps defendants through the difficulties of a criminal prosecution.  Either of these books can be purchased at Russo’s Books, at any major bookstore, or online by clicking the following links:

Family Law

The firm has a full-service family law practice assisting clients with divorces, restraining orders, child custody, guardianship, spousal support, and all other family law matters.  Whether you just need help with the paperwork from a Licensed Document Assistant or need a Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney to try your case, we can do it at a reasonable price, usually much lower than the competition.


Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

The firm associates with Greg Kirakosian to bring the expertise and power of a hard-hitting Los Angeles firm to Kern County.  Associate Attorney Greg Kirakosian is lead counsel on all Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice cases, and he limits his practice to such cases.  Our personal injury and medical malpractice team doesn’t just guide clients through the minefields of civil litigation to steer cases toward maximum results, we also provide support for the emotional journey that lies ahead.  


When a loved one passes, we can help put their estate in order and implement their final wishes.  

Traffic Tickets

We receive many requests for assistance with traffic tickets, but we can’t be all things to all people.  Our attorneys each strive to keep current on the latest developments in their respective areas of law.  Roger Lampkin constantly studies criminal law and regularly updates his books.  Roger Grass is always up to date on the latest trends in family law, and Greg Kirakosian stays abreast of the latest developments in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice law.  We, therefore, suggest that those in need of assistance in traffic matters consult with a firm that devotes much of its practice to traffic law, such as Joe Whittington of  


If you have an immigration matter, you need a firm that really knows federal immigration law, keeps current on the latest immigration court decisions, regularly interacts with immigration officials, and really knows immigration law.  That’s not us.  Contact a truly qualified immigration attorney, such as Andrew Fishkin.  


You don’t have enough money to pay your bills, so the court charges you money to officially tell people that you can’t pay them?  That really doesn’t make sense to us.  If you need someone who understands the bankruptcy stuff, you should contact someone who practices that area of law, such as William Olcott.  

Social Security Law

Unfortunately, we neither practice this area of law nor have attorneys to which we can refer you.  

Civil Rights

Too often the police violate people’s rights and those violated need qualified legal representation.  However, if we directed our attention to such matters, we would not have adequate time devoted to our chosen areas of expertise.  We, therefore, do not take civil rights cases.  We are looking for qualified attorneys that we can refer you to.  

Labor Law

Sorry, but we don’t practice this area of law and we don’t know where to send you.  We’re looking for a good labor law attorney to refer clients to.  

Patent Law

Are you kidding?  We don’t do Patent Law.  Don’t you need an engineer or something for that?  We limit our practice so we can keep current on the law and best represent our clients.  

Admiralty Law

Dude!  Bakersfield is a desert.  Kern County is far from the ocean.  We don’t own a boat.  Why would you ask us about admiralty law?  No!  Why are you even still reading this page?  The areas of law we practice ended a long time ago.